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Fast charge requires high voltages and connecting an electric vehicle without any precaution. To leave connections can therefore be dangerous for people and property. SUMOSU Stations’s facilities are appropriatelly protected as access is controlled to areas where dangerous voltages are present and service is provided by an authorized staff, so citizens don’t need to come in contact with these devices.


Plugs, cables and sockets are kept away from general public access and stations protected against damage, theft or vandalism. Most cities have not addressed or prepared themselves for these issues and that leaves people at serious risk. SUMOSU Stations have been planned and developed to offer effective and complete safety measures for the user.


 Many on-street charging points become an obstacle for our drivers. Our equipment is stable and fully protected from possible collisions or other street accidents. Being an automated parking system, minor damages to the facility such as scrapes and dents are also eliminated.


Designed to protect and isolate components against extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow or heat waves. The *** charging system allows to adapt charging times that suit best to different temperature